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My Family , Unit 2 Class 3 answers | Bangladesh curriculum

My Family , Unit 2 Class 3

A. Read and say.
My Family unit 2 Class 3 three answer. I’m Sabiha. I’m a student.I’m in class 3

I’m Sabiha. I’m a student. I’m in class 3.There are four members in my family. My father Mr. Aminul Islam is a teacher. My mother is Mrs. Afroza Begum. She works in a bank. My brother is only one year old.

B. Read the sentences. Write T for True and F for False.

1. The girl’s name is Samia. _________F____

2. She is in class 3. _________T______ 

3. She is a student. _________T______

4. There are four members in her family. __________T__

5. Her brother is 3 years old. ________F_____

C. Pairwork. Ask and answer.

1. What is the girl’s name?

- The girl’s name is Sabiha.

2. How many members are there in her family?

- There are four members in her family.

3. What does her mother do?

- Her mother works in a bank.

4. What does her father do?

- Her father is a teacher.

5. How old is her brother?

- Her brother is one year old.

D. Write three sentences about your family.

- I am Kamal. I have a family of five members.

- My father works as an engineer, and my mother is a doctor.

- I have two siblings, a brother who is two years younger than me, and a sister who is four years younger than me.

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